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My Lyme symptoms, part 2

Before I start listing this -still too long- collection of symptoms I would like to point out that while some of these have been very strong at one point I now feel fine most of the time. So here are the the symptoms I haven’t fully managed to get off :

  • Needing to always move (shake ?) my legs : once again I think it’s pretty common amongst a lot of people. I still do it all the time (whether I’m sitting or laying down).
  • Excessive photophobia (or sensitivity to light) : I am a pain to be around, I turn almost all the lights off and pretty much live by candlelight. During summer hats and sunglasses become my best friends.
  • Burning or dry eyes : I very often feel the need to close my eyes for a minute to give them a rest and to this day avoid wearing contact lenses.
  • Pressure in my throat and chest : this is (for me at least at least) an anxiety related symptoms but at first, because I had never experienced it, it was impossible for me to recognise. It just felt like I had a ball in my chest that prevented from breathing properly and eating. I now rarely get it.
  • Spontaneous bruising : I still bruise very very easily but for a while I was well and truly covered, and there were very impressive in size.
  • Extreme dizziness : This is not fun. It feels like I am about to collapse, I lose awareness of my surroundings (everything feels empty instead). I usually lose balance, everything becomes very bright and sounds are dulled. I can’t hear my own voice when I speak and I feel a rush of pressure to my head. I don’t get it nearly as often as a year ago though.
  • Back and neck pains : this is my weakness to this day. I go see an osteopath regularly and she is still impressed by the amount of tension I can accumulate in a few weeks.
  • Very heavy legs : when I lived in France this was another one of my nemeses. I lived on the fifth floor with no lift which probably didn’t help. The Scottish weather oddly seems to help with that and it doesn’t bother me as much me anymore.
  • Physical fatigue : I will speak some more about my sleeping habits but for a very long time I needed to sleep 13 to 14 hours per night otherwise I couldn’t function because of the other symptoms. I now need around 11 hours but can get away for an 8 hour night sleep if I sleep more the next day.
  • Emotional fatigue : this is what my doctor named it. I would call it emotional instability. I can go from very angry to inexplicably really sad or very very happy in seconds. There is no rationalising it. I can snap at people or feel absolutely dreadful for a couple of days and everything can makes me cry. I cry when something makes me jump, when I see something sad, when I get (very easily) frustrated, you name it, it can make me burst into tears. I don’t get nearly as much of that as I used to though.

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