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Berries and banana pancakes

These pancakes are vegan, gluten free, sugar free and very very tasty. And they take less than 15 minutes start to pile of pancakes in your plate.

Ingredients for 12 medium pancakes :

2 ripe bananas

3 tablespoons of vegan butter or coconut oil

4 tablespoons of maple syrup (or less, depending on how ripe your bananas are)

4 big tablespoons of self raising gluten free flour (or any flour + baking powder)

A handful of frozen mixed berries (they’re cheaper than fresh ones and they hold better)

Vegetable milk (I like almond or cashew but they all work)


1° Cut the bananas in pieces and microwave them for 30 seconds with the vegan butter (or coconut oil). This soften the bananas and releases their flavour.

2° Add the flour and the maple syrup (I usually taste my mixture to make sure it’s not too sweet, with really good bananas you might not even need sweetener).

3° Add vegetable milk until you have a cake batter consistency. I never measure it but takes a couple splashes.

4° Add the berries. If you stir them around for a while they will start to melt and you will end up with (pretty) purple pancakes.

5° Cook on medium low heat with coconut oil until bubbly then flip and cook for a few more minutes. Let your pan get hot first to avoid a messy first pancake.

This is a really straightforward and easily adaptable recipe. Here are a couple changes that can be made :

  • If you are not vegan and don’t have vegetable milk you can use eggs instead.
  • If you are not gluten free you can obviously use any self raising flour
  • If you don’t have baking powder you can leave it out. Your pancakes will still taste great, they just won’t be as fluffy.
  • The flour can be replaced by oats (roughly blended or full). This will change the consistency of the pancake. I personally like them smooth but laziness sometimes gets the better of me and they are still great with oats.
  • Corn flour is also a great substitute for the self raising flour.
  • If you are not sugar free / not vegan honey and sugar also work fine.

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